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Accendo GloGreen Digital HID™ Ballasts (DHID™) offer unparalleled electrical efficiency and light performance compared to conventional core and coil (magnetic) ballasts. DHID™ offers the most cost-effective, value added alternative to LED, fluorescent and induction based technologies for new and retrofit industrial and commercial Green lighting projects.

The proven GloGreen DHID™ products represent the World's most advanced digital ballast technology for High-Intensity Discharge (HID) lighting available on the market today. Micro-processor controlled, the GloGreen Digital HID™ ballast simply replaces existing conventional ballasts and significantly upgrades the HID lighting system performance by up to 75%.

When considering an upgrade of your existing HID lighting systems or lighting for new Green Building projects, GloGreen helps you 'Go Green' with the most energy efficient lighting solutions for Street Lighting, Highway High-Mast Lighting, Factory/Warehouse/Retail High-Bay Lighting, Airports, Greenhouses, Sporting Arenas and Renewable Energy Applications.

With an industry leading light output of 118 Lumens/Watt, conventional higher Wattage magnetic ballast HID lighting fixtures are now easily upgraded/retrofitted or replaced with the new higher-performance, yet lower Wattage Accendo GloGreen Digital HID™ Ballasts and GloGreen powered DHID™ fixtures. A conventional 1000W Metal Halide magnetic ballast system, for example, can be retrofitted with the GloGreen DHID™ 575W digital ballast offering an immediate and significant 50% energy savings with bright light that will never visibly degrade over its entire life; no relamping is required. Add the ability to dim GloGreen DHID™ Ballasts for even greater energy savings.

Do you currently use HID lighting?
Product Comparison *
Magnetic GloGreen DHID™
Lumen/Watt 70-100 110-140
Warm-up time 10-15 minutes 1 minute
Dimming NO 50%-70%
Lamp Life ext. 0% 1.5X
Efficiency W 75-85% 97%
Degradation 20%-50%+ 5% Max
Auto restrike 10-15 minutes Instant*

* Performance based on proper HID lamp and DHID™ ballast matching/tuning with Accendo verified quality lamps. Instant re-strike High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) and Metal Halide (MH) lamp sources now available, please contact us for more information.

As the chart above illustrates, when comparing GloGreen Digital HID™ ballasts to conventional core and coil (magnetic) ballasts, the proven DHID™ solution offers a significant improvement in energy efficiency, light quality/performance and reduced maintenance. By simply retrofit upgrading an existing ‘higher Wattage’ magnetic ballast system, re-using the HID lighting fixture, with a more energy efficient ‘lower Wattage’ DHID™ ballast solution, an immediate 40-50% energy savings can be realized.

Relamping is no longer required; DHID™'s 95% lumen maintenance performance and the increased life expectancy of modern long life HID lamps eliminates costly relamping recommendations. A GloGreen DHID™ ballast powered long life lamp can now last 70,000 hours and beyond without suffering visible light degradation. Lamp changes are now truly only at the end of the lamp's lifespan, benefiting Industry and the Environment alike since energy savings and originally specified light levels are always sustained, and over-all waste created is reduced.

The GloGreen ballast is fast, igniting HID bulbs to full power in merely 60 seconds. Embedded instant dimming capabilities create even more ways to further increase your energy and money savings. The GloGreen DHID™ lighting solution is proven and cost-effective, it is the most energy efficient lighting solution for Street Lighting, Highway High-Mast Lighting, Factory/Warehouse/Retail High-Bay Lighting, Greenhouse/Hydroponics, Sporting Arena/Event, Airport and Renewable Energy Lighting Applications. Accendo Digital HID™ lighting solutions offer a better value over LED, fluorescent and induction based technologies. For additional information, or to arrange your Risk Free Trial please Contact Us.

Your Existing Ballast (W)
Accendo Replacement Ballast (W)
Cost of Electricity ($/kWhr)
Hours of Use (Hrs/Yr)
Payback (Year)*

* Payback based on GloGreen Series
product; calculation is for retrofit applications and includes
bulb ($20 USD) and approximated
install cost ($50 USD).

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