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GloGreen Digital ballasts for High Intensity Discharge (DHID™) lamps feature ground breaking technology for unparalleled electrical efficiency and performance. The micro-processor controlled GloGreen Digital HID™ ballast delivers 40%-50%+ energy savings over traditional core and coil (magnetic) ballasts. Integrated motion detection and automatic dimming capabilities provide the opportunity to extend your energy conservation up to 75%, without changing your existing fixture.

Micro-processor Based Technology

  • Direct Digital Ignition (DDI) micro-processor control algorithms optimize the balance of current with lamp gases.
  • Micro-processor based system performs at 97% efficiency delivering the highest lumen output per Watt in the market today (118lm/W+).
  • Industry leading technology produces more penetrating and longer lasting light than core and coil (magnetic) ballasts for significantly less energy consumed.
  • The high efficiency of the DHID™ ballast allows Watts input to be most efficiently converted to Watts output as lumens with only 3-5% losses to heat.
  • System efficiency virtually eliminates electrical losses and corresponding ambient heat. The GloGreen DHID™ ballast power factor is >98%.
  • DDI minimizes lamp wear, and in turn prolongs the life of the lamp by at least 1.5 times, dynamically maintaining the optimal operating Voltage and frequency of the lamp.
  • Verified HID lamps operated with the GloGreen ballast will not visibly degrade over their entire lifetime; i.e. 95% lumen maintenance - no relamping is required, bulb is only changed at its life end of 40,000 hours (MH), or 70,000 hours (HPS) and beyond (especially when instant dimming is utilized).
  • Instant dimming and full power resumption is managed by the DDI micro-processor via Accendo Motion Sensor (discrete or RJ-11) or PLC (Analog 0-10VDC) input, or pre-programmed Automatic Dimming input. For Automatic Dimming, or Pre-Programmed Schedule Dimming, you specify when and what level of dimming occurs based on a customized schedule.

One Ballast, Many Solutions

  • Multiple Bulb Capability; GloGreen Digital HID™ ballasts power Metal Halide (MH), Ceramic Metal Halide(CMH) and High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lamp sources from 50W to 1000W with ultimate efficiency.
  • GloGreen ballast products with Multiple Wattage, Multiple Voltage and Multiple HID Bulb capabilities are application flexible and can dramatically reduce inventory costs. One ballast is now able to meet many of your High-Intensity Discharge lighting needs.
  • DHID™ ballasts are fully potted/sealed for manufacturing environment or outdoor light applications and are temperature rated -25°C/-13°F to 40°C/104°F (tc=70°C/158°F).
  • GloGreen Digital HID™ ballasts offer the most cost effective alternative to core and coil (magnetic) HID, LED, fluorescent or induction based technologies for new and retrofit Green lighting projects; one lighting technology solves all Street/Parking Lot Lighting, Highway High-Mast Lighting, Factory/Warehouse/Retail Low-Bay/High-Bay Lighting, Greenhouse/Hydroponics/Aquarium, Sporting Arena/Stadium, Airport and Renewable Energy Lighting Applications.
  • GloGreen DHID™ ballasts are available in multiple Wattage (50W to 1000W) and Voltage configurations; please see chart below for Voltage rating details:

    DHID™ Ballast Rated Voltage Working Voltage Calculation Working Voltage Safety Voltage Calculation Safety Voltage
    240V ±10% 216V ~ 264V ±15% 204V ~ 275V
    277V ±8% 255V ~ 299V ±10% 249V ~ 305V
    120V – 240V NA 108V ~ 264V NA 96V ~ 275V
    240V – 277V NA 216V ~ 299V NA 204V ~ 305V
    347V ±8% 319V ~ 375V ±10% 312V ~ 382V
    480V ±8% 442V ~ 518V ±10% 432V ~ 528V

Where Are GloGreen DHID™ Lighting Retrofit Ballasts Applied?

  • GloGreen 50W or 70W DHID™ ballast replaces core and coil (magnetic) 100W-150W ballast – application examples include underground parking, low-bay factory/warehouse (<25ft), street lighting, outdoor parking lot lighting, wallpack/building perimeter lighting, canopy lighting.
  • GloGreen 100W or 150W replaces magnetic 150W - 300W – application examples include highbay factory/warehouse/retail (<30ft), street/parking lot lighting, general outdoor/indoor applications.
  • GloGreen 200W or 250W replaces magnetic 300W to 450W – applications include highbay factory/warehouse/retail (<50ft) , street lighting, arena, event, airport, hydroponics, aquarium, general outdoor/indoor applications.
  • GloGreen 400W, 575W, 600W or 750W replaces magnetic 1000W to 1500W – applications include highbay factory/warehouse/retail (50ft+), street/highway/parking lot lighting, arena/stadium, sports field, event, airport, hydroponics, greenhouse, aquarium, any general outdoor/indoor lighting applications requiring really long light throw/penetration.
  • GloGreen 1000W replaces magnetic 1500W to 2000W – applications include highbay factory/warehouse/retail (100ft+), street/highway/parking lot lighting (high-mast), arena/stadium, sports field, event, airport, hydroponics, greenhouse, aquarium, any general outdoor/indoor flood lighting applications requiring extremely long light throw/penetration.
  • GloGreen DHID™ lighting products are designed to work most efficiently with solar and wind power sources.
  • DHID™ ballasts are available in complete turn-key fixture packages for street lighting and high-bay lighting applications.
Please download the following application benefits sheets highlighting Street Lighting, Highway High Mast Lighting, Industrial/Commercial and Automotive Dealership DHID™ lighting solutions: For additional information on Accendo GloGreen DHID™ retrofit ballasts and fixtures, please download our product brochures located in the left hand column. The GloGreen DHID™ ballast offers an excellent return on investment; please use our “Money Saving Opportunity” calculator in the top right hand column of this page to determine your potential lighting project savings. For additional information, or to arrange your Risk Free Trial please Contact Us.

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